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Founded in 2016, Page Editing Service is your source for professional, timely, and accurate copy and line editing, proofreading, manuscript review and fact-checking.

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Whether you’re writing a book, creating web content, authoring an article, or posting to a blog, your message should be clear, consistent and compelling.

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Together, we can transform your content into one that engages your readers and succinctly conveys your message to meet your individual goals.

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View my Contact Me page for guidance and referrals regarding the steps to publication once your manuscript has been edited.

Author Testimony:

Pam Greer is highly competent, punctual, personable, and obviously professional.  She has provided invaluable assistance and advice in facilitating the publication of my book. Pam is truly outstanding. I endorse her work with no reservations.

Gary Bullert B.A., Stanford University, PhD, Claremont Graduate School

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