Tips for Hiring an Editor:

Line and Copy Editing

Pamela provides quality line and copy editing for your print or online content. When you have completed the steps for writing your manuscript, editing comes next. Based on a brief review of your manuscript, she will advise what level of editing is needed, from light copy edit to line edit, and provide you with the steps she will take to make sure your message is clearly communicated. Pamela approaches copy editing with a light touch whenever possible, seeking to retain the author’s unique voice.


As the final stage in the editorial process of your document or manuscript, Pamela will proofread your document for grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage and formatting. By this point, your manuscript will have been through several drafts, a developmental and/or copy edit, and is nearly ready for publication.

Project Management

Pamela will project manage your manuscript from the initial copy or line edit through to publication. She can answer your publishing questions, provide resources, and guide your next steps regarding book formatting and layout, book and cover design, proofreading, obtaining ISBNs, contracting with book publishing services, and more.

Manuscript Review

As an alternative to a copy edit, Pamela can assess your manuscript for voice, style, plot, character development, readability and more without altering the content. The author is supplied with an editorial summary analyzing what works in the manuscript and what changes can be incorporated for more effective communication. Whether you intend to self-edit or are seeking validation that your manuscript is a viable representation of your ideas, a manuscript review will provide guidance for the next step toward publication.

Fact Checking

Pamela can research and/or fact check your online or print content to ensure correct name spellings, dates, locations or other searchable facts. For this, she uses primary sources and internet searches.


Pamela follows Editorial Freelancers Association’s (EFA) rate chart when setting my standard editorial fees:

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