James Nelson hired me to assist him formatting and editing the hundreds of citations that accompanied his 72,000 word manuscript for the financial market. He and I worked together for several months on various aspects of the project, but my main contribution was citation work.

Tom Fay also sought a manuscript review for his full-length manuscript for the Christian market. Tom adapted the story of the missionary George Muller to take place five years in the future. I reviewed his manuscript for voice, pacing, structural content, characterization and story holes.

Dr. Felisha Phillips hired me to line edit her manuscript. The Missing Piece In LIfe is her second published work. The front matter and cover art had already been completed, so my task was to clearly communicate this important message about finding and arranging the puzzle pieces of our lives for the best fit.

Adam DuVander enlisted my services first for a manuscript review. After studying the report I provided, he opted to utilize my editing services to line edit his manuscript for the technology market.

Becky Swanstrum shares her story of walking and living out God’s economy of abundance here on earth by adhering to sound biblical principles of generosity, sowing and reaping, and responding to prompts in her spirit to give. She began small with what was in her hand to give and watched in awe as God continued to grow her seed for sowing and provide opportunities for her to help those in her sphere.

Tiffany Smith tells her personal story of experiencing not one, but multiple strokes as a young woman and how God restored her health and imparted fresh wisdom for the rest of her journey.

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